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Maple Walnuts

I set out to make a snack that would be healthy but still a bit decadent. What I came away with was a memory of my great-grandmother, Grammy Pray. My dad's father's mother lived in a little house across the driveway from my grandparents. Us grandkids would go over and visit with her, while she sat in… Continue reading Maple Walnuts


Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Summer is just around the corner. Soon, we'll be complaining about the bugs, the humidity and about sunburns. Before that happens, let's master the art of chocolate covered fruit. In this instance, we're working with bananas! It really is a marvelous combination. Semi-sweet chocolate chips and coconut oil are combined over a double-boiler until melted… Continue reading Chocolate Covered Banana Pops


Homemade Cheese-Its

A lot of the great books I've come across in life have been through my love of NPR. The other day on my way to pick up Ethan, I listened while Jennifer Reese talked about her cookbook, Make the Bread, Buy the Butter on The Faith Middleton Show. It's a terrific book about all the wonderful things you never quite… Continue reading Homemade Cheese-Its


Energy Bites

Human beings get the energy they require from the food they consume. These little bites contain protein, carbohydrates and fat. These macronutrients are what the body needs for fuel, growth, tissue repair, vitamin absorption, immune function and proper organ function, among many other things. These bites are simple to make and delicious to eat. Energy Bites… Continue reading Energy Bites


Rocky Road Popcorn

I know there are others out there like me. Others that hear the voice...the one that says "you need to create something". Sometimes it's a crocheted hat or blanket; other times it's a painting or simply coloring with Ethan in his coloring books. Today, it's Rocky Road Popcorn. The other day at the grocery store, we… Continue reading Rocky Road Popcorn