Dinner, Loaves

Potato Soup with Milk and Honey Bread

March in New England is a fickle beast. Temperatures in the 60's with sunshine one week and 18 inches of wet, heavy snow the next, (great book reading weather!) I just finished a great little novel by Jenna Woginrich. The $4.99 ebook is called Birchthorn.  It's suspenseful with great characters and plot twists. There's a scene in it where… Continue reading Potato Soup with Milk and Honey Bread


Minestrone Soup

The sun was shining this morning when we set out for the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield, CT. Three Red Trees, a school of natural living was holding a wildlife tracking class there. About a dozen people showed up for the monthly class, some with no knowledge of tracking while others held impressive qualifications. We bundled up and… Continue reading Minestrone Soup


Inspired Chili

Like so many families, my parents divorced before I was old enough to remember them as a couple. The same holds true for my grandparents. My Gram remarried before I was old enough to know that "Grandpa" wasn't my mother's father. Of course, as I got older I was told this but he was and always will be,… Continue reading Inspired Chili


Chicken Soup with Rice

My boy has gotten his first cold of the season. With the beginning of school a few weeks ago, I knew it wouldn't be long before the sniffles and coughing started. One thing that is comforting when we're sick is a steaming bowl of chicken soup. I make this particular recipe regularly in the winter as it's an… Continue reading Chicken Soup with Rice


Where does your protein come from?

Last weekend while we were trying to stay dry during our camping trip, we found ourselves perusing the aisles of a cyber cafe/book shop. Thomas found a book by an author he knew of. The book was called The Search by Tom Brown Jr. He has authored 10 books about his philosophy and 7 field guides. He… Continue reading Where does your protein come from?


Four-Cheese Chicken

My amazing husband is a jujutsuka; which is to say he practices traditional japanese jujitsu. He has been training for years and is testing for his brown belt this coming weekend. Leading up to that day, I want to provide him with the best nutrition to fuel his body. He will surely need it. It will take… Continue reading Four-Cheese Chicken



We have been using ground bison in place of ground beef for some time now. Bison is a highly nutrient dense food due to it's proportion of protein, fat, minerals and fatty acids to its caloric value. Grass-fed bison spend their lives on grass as they always have and they aren't subjected to questionable drugs, chemicals… Continue reading Tatanka


Live to be 100

The food pyramid has become a plate. As you can see, half of the plate is made up of fruits and vegetables. So at every meal our plate should contain at least half fruits and vegetables. I try to incorporate fruits and vegetables into just about everything I make. In some dishes, I try to… Continue reading Live to be 100


Homemade Chicken Pie {made with love}

My son has had some trepidation about the launch of this blog. His biggest gripe, "You can't just give all your best recipes away for free!" I let him in on a little secret, the reason they taste so superior to him is because of the love I bake right into them, especially for him. He seemed to accept this theory of mine. I… Continue reading Homemade Chicken Pie {made with love}