Homemade Butter

My boy recently went on a field trip with his class to an 1800's homestead where they helped churn butter the old fashioned way. Because I love the idea of making whatever you can yourself, I immediately went out and bought a pint of heavy cream to make our own butter. There are numerous ways… Continue reading Homemade Butter


Chocolate Hazelnut Blondies

  Nutella is great on sandwiches and graham crackers. I love its smooth texture. I recently made Peanut Chocolate Chip Blondies, which were superb. I was so happy with the way they came out. I figured why not substitute the peanut butter for nutella and the peanuts for hazelnuts. They have a very distinct hazelnut… Continue reading Chocolate Hazelnut Blondies

Cookies, TWD

Hazelnut Biscotti (TWD)

I have always been a big coffee drinker. Since the age of thirteen, I have had at least two cups of coffee a day (minus those months of pregnancy 8 years ago) and biscotti is the perfect accompaniment to that steamy cup of joe. It's crunchy and sweet; dipping it into your coffee gives you… Continue reading Hazelnut Biscotti (TWD)