Strawberry Season

Strawberry season for us in New England is a few weeks away. There really is something about sitting in a field full of strawberry plants, the sun shining down on your face, the birds singing and the smell of life in the air. I've always loved quiet moments, those moments you smile to yourself because… Continue reading Strawberry Season

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Days of May

May brings morning rain on rosa multiflora. And morning light on made beds. May brings awakening wild food. And blooming forest floors. The colorful copper birch leaves emerge. Violets come into view. May is when we gather the petals. Simple syrup will sweeten drinks for weeks to come. May brings soft breezes through open windows.… Continue reading Days of May



We all have or have had one. The woman who gave birth to us and/or took care of us, whether we appreciate her or resent her, she helped us grow into the people we are today, good or bad. I hope that you are in contact with your mother if you can be. I hope… Continue reading Mother

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Change, the only constant

Heart-shaped, fluffy white clouds in the blue sky. Purple and pink sky in the morning. A sure sign of an oncoming storm. Snow can change the landscape dramatically. And it sure is fun to play in. Peaking through the hemlock boughs as Ethan prepares to sled down the big hill. Have you ever browned butter?… Continue reading Change, the only constant

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New Year

Each year goes by faster than the one before.  Just like everyone else, I'm finding my way. We celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago. I've been on this planet for thirty-five years. We finally had some snow. I spy Ethan. Do you? This is our bedroom window on a cold winter's morning. I'm in… Continue reading New Year


Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve. I'm five years old. I'm lying in bed watching the light stream through the vinyl blinds. It's nighttime but the moon is bright and it's being reflected off the snow that is blanketing the ground. I'm supposed to be sleeping. I can hear music coming from the other room. I lift the… Continue reading Christmas Eve

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Each one of these December mornings I am gently reminded just how many days are left until Christmas. Today? 4 days! Inside, our balsam fir tree is trimmed. Outside, it feels more like October. There's time for walks... There's time for practice... And there's always time fore baking... These unseasonably clear skies offer us more… Continue reading December


Today, we celebrate Thomas!

Today is my husband’s birthday. We met when I was a freshman in high school. We started living together almost immediately. Thomas and I made a great team back then and now, nineteen birthdays later, we are unstoppable. In one of my English classes, we were tasked with writing an essay about an important person in our… Continue reading Today, we celebrate Thomas!

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November in New England

It's November in New England, a very special month for my family. My son's twelfth birthday is in a few days and the day after that marks sixteen years of marital bliss for Thomas and I. The love I have for these guys is inexplicable, more than I could ever put into words. November is the month… Continue reading November in New England


Sunday Streusel Coffee Cake

When I was a kid, maybe 11 or 12 years old, I started receiving junk mail. One of the various pieces of mail that I got was an assortment of recipe cards from a company called Healthy Meals in Minutes. It was one of those things where they send you a few cards and then if… Continue reading Sunday Streusel Coffee Cake