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Queen Anne’s Lace and Feral Apple Jelly

I feel my best when I'm outside, among the trees, in a meadow, or beside a stream. Where I can see the sun shining, feel the wind blowing, and hear the birds singing. Add some wild edibles or medicinal plants to harvest and I'm in heaven. Yesterday we picked Queen Anne's Lace, also known as… Continue reading Queen Anne’s Lace and Feral Apple Jelly

See what I see

Summer Days

Here it is, the last day of August. We've enjoyed these summer days. Backyard fires, complete with roasted marshmallows, Mornings in bed, Walks in milkweed meadows, Foraging forays, Beach days, Family love, Treks on backyard trails, Cloud watching, Rock hopping, Garden growing, Wetland walks, Warm sunrises, Lounging, And a deep appreciation for each one of… Continue reading Summer Days

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The Woods

When I was a kid I would wander the woods in back of my grandparent's house for hours by myself. I'd pretend I lived out there among the hardwoods, the maples and oaks. Now, I have two amazing souls to wander with me. The sun was shining down on us today as we immersed ourselves… Continue reading The Woods