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Summer’s almost gone

This week we noticed the mornings have been cooler. It's mid-August and the thought of autumn is in the back of all our minds. But the leaves of witch hazel trees are still vibrant green. And kids are still on summer vacation. Sunflowers are still bright yellow. The shade of the forest is still a… Continue reading Summer’s almost gone


Peach Bars

Mid-August=peaches. It was a hot day for peach and nectarine picking but we enjoyed walking through the rows of trees, heavy with fruit, at an orchard a few towns away. Once home, we got straight to work making a sort of shortbread cookie dough. Ethan likes to be the one that twists or "cracks the code"… Continue reading Peach Bars


Perfect Peach Pie

A perfect Saturday afternoon at the orchard provided us with plenty of peaches. We picked both yellow and white peaches and after careful consideration we have decided that white peaches are superior to yellow. Since variety is the spice of life, they both make an appearance in this fresh fruit pie. With the windows open and… Continue reading Perfect Peach Pie

Crisps and crumbles

Peach Cobbler

Nothing says summer like peaches. A ripe peach is succulent , its juices often drip down your arm as you bite into it. The flavor is reminiscent of flowers and sunshine. Drop a nice batter over sliced peaches and you have yourself a cobbler. I adore the idea of a recipe handed down through the generations.… Continue reading Peach Cobbler


Almond Oat Cake with Peaches and Plums

The benefits of eating what's in season are plentiful. More variety, more abundance meaning less expense and produce that has been allowed to naturally ripen contains more nutrients. Stone fruit is in season here in Connecticut. Plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and nectarines offer phytochemicals and powerful antioxidants. This almond oat cake is chock full of healthy oats,… Continue reading Almond Oat Cake with Peaches and Plums