See what I see

Summer’s almost gone

This week we noticed the mornings have been cooler. It's mid-August and the thought of autumn is in the back of all our minds. But the leaves of witch hazel trees are still vibrant green. And kids are still on summer vacation. Sunflowers are still bright yellow. The shade of the forest is still a… Continue reading Summer’s almost gone


Summer In Gilmanton

Bike tires on dirt roads The wind whipping past my ears Listening for frogs Jumping in the babbling brooks along the way To The Farm Red Barn, yellow house Tall grass in need of mowing Steps made out of granite, framed by Brown-eyed Susans Two old rocking chairs adorn the porch, strewn with fire wood… Continue reading Summer In Gilmanton

See what I see

Summer Days

Here it is, the last day of August. We've enjoyed these summer days. Backyard fires, complete with roasted marshmallows, Mornings in bed, Walks in milkweed meadows, Foraging forays, Beach days, Family love, Treks on backyard trails, Cloud watching, Rock hopping, Garden growing, Wetland walks, Warm sunrises, Lounging, And a deep appreciation for each one of… Continue reading Summer Days

Crisps and crumbles

Peach Cobbler

Nothing says summer like peaches. A ripe peach is succulent , its juices often drip down your arm as you bite into it. The flavor is reminiscent of flowers and sunshine. Drop a nice batter over sliced peaches and you have yourself a cobbler. I adore the idea of a recipe handed down through the generations.… Continue reading Peach Cobbler


Strawberry Pie

The summer season is upon us. Saturday was the first day of summer and we were enjoying it in the Adirondack mountains, paddling a canoe on a glistening lake while birds sang and grills grilled. We enjoyed peaceful mornings cooking over an open flame while the fog took it's sweet time to lift and the… Continue reading Strawberry Pie

Frozen Treats

The 1st Official day of Summer

Being that this is the first official day of summer which also happens to be the first official day of my boy's summer vacation, I decided to whip up a summer treat. We got an ice cream maker last year for Christmas (or was it my birthday?) Now the reasoning behind buying an ice cream maker was that… Continue reading The 1st Official day of Summer